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Welcome to the CNRB! 

Mrs Lochhead is the CNRB teacher/manager and is supported by six wonderful teaching assistants: Miss White, Miss Finbow, Mrs Windsor, Mrs Caldwell, Mrs Thomas and Miss Pearce. 

In the CNRB, the children receive a differentiated curriculum that enables them to be successful and reach their full potential by accessing learning that is delivered in smaller groups. 

We have lots of wonderful kind and caring children that join us for learning each morning, before returning to their peer group classes in the afternoon. We are always ready for challenges and love learning about new topics! 

On Monday mornings, children are required to hand in any homework that is given out on the previous Friday. This may consist of a maths sheet, and a Weekend Report, which will support your child’s written work during English on Monday morning. Children will receive a Class Dojo for each piece of homework that they return! 

Wednesday is currently our day for PE and children are required to wear their P.E kit to school. Please see the school website for the expected uniform for P.E. Please note that this may be subject to change, but we will always inform you in advance should this happen.  

We love Fridays, and in the CNRB, Fridays are our cooking days! We would be very grateful if you could contribute £1 each term towards the cost of cooking ingredients. 

We look forward to working in close partnership with you this year. 

 Mrs Rachael Lochhead CNRB Manager 

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If you are a parent of a child in our class, we now have a class page on ClassDojo. If you haven’t already signed up to ClassDojo, please do so by contacting the school office on 01373 822695 and we will send your child’s individual sign up code.

Rachael Lochhead
CNRB Teacher/Manager
CNRB Class
Kirsty Dredge
Teaching Assistant
Kayleigh Finbow
CNRB Teaching Assistant
Paula Windsor
CNRB Teaching Assistant
Play Therapy
Kath Caldwell
CNRB Teaching Assistant
Helen Thomas
CNRB Teaching Assistant
Ella Pearce
CNRB Teaching Assistant