Project Description

Darwin Class

Year 6

Our Year 6 class is named ‘Darwin’.

Our teacher is Mrs Young and our Teaching assistants are Mrs Bendle, Mrs Taylor, Mrs Dredge, Miss Gardner and Mr Bodymore. Our class is named after the very famous Charles Darwin who was an English naturalist who changed the way humans viewed themselves and the world around them through his amazing ideas on evolution and natural selection. Charles Darwin was born in England in 1809 and he died in 1882. He is most famous for his work on natural selection, the idea that all species of life have evolved over time from common ancestors. His very famous book, ‘On the Origin of Species’, has sold millions of copies all over the world!

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If you are a parent of a child in our class, we now have a class page on ClassDojo. If you haven’t already signed up to ClassDojo, please do so by contacting the school office on 01373 822695 and we will send your child’s individual sign up code.

Rebecca Young
Year 6 Teacher
Darwin Class
English Subject Leader
Karen Bendle
Teaching Assistant
Tina Gardner
Teaching Assistant
Specialist Maths Booster Groups
Andy Bodymore
Teaching Assistant
Cover Supervisor
PE Subject Leader