Complex Needs Resource Base (CNRB)

‘Do the best you can and never stop’ Stephen Wiltshire

Our Resource Base, Wiltshire class, includes children with a wide range of SEND needs from Year 3-6. We support children with complex needs, communication and interaction, ASC, ADHD, and cognition and learning needs.

Many of our children continue their educational journey from the Resource Base at the neighbouring Westbury Infant School, and they will go on to transition to local mainstream, secondary resource bases and special schools.

Our resource base follows the same ethos and values of the mainstream part of the school which are, ‘Respect, Care and Inspire for all to create a vibrant Christian learning community.’ We strive to ensure that all our children across the whole school, will have the opportunity to become the best version of themselves.

From September 2023, our resource base has offered all-day provision, with some pupils integrating into their peer group lessons where this best meets their emotional, social and academic needs. All pupils also participate with the whole school during collective worship, play times, lunchtimes and whole school events. Children accessing the Resource Base are also included in other extracurricular activities and events such as school residential visits, Bikeability courses and after school clubs.

Our resource base offers a personalised curriculum, with content and groupings tailored to best meet each child’s academic needs and allowing them to access the full range of the Key Stage 2 curriculum. This is delivered through three different groups: an EYFS based learning environment that includes the different schemas of learning, a lower KS1 content group, where children are emerging into the more formal aspect of learning and a higher KS1/lower KS2 curriculum content group, where children are ready to embrace the formal path towards learning.

In addition to academic support, we provide structured opportunities for children to develop their social communication and interaction skills. Weekly cooking opportunities also foster independence and life skills. We create an atmosphere of acceptance and understanding which fits into our positive whole-school approach to wellbeing. We understand that children are sometimes overwhelmed at busy or loud periods throughout the day, such as lunch times, and need to access a safe and nurturing place to help them regulate their emotions.