Art and Design 

‘Art has the role in education of helping children become like themselves instead of more like everyone else.’ – Sydney Gurewitz Clemens


At WJS, we are all artists in our own right. We develop pupil’s skills by recording what they have experienced and imagined. We do this using a range of materials, whilst looking at various artists linked to our topics. Pupils are encouraged to question and explore sensitive and controversial issues, whilst maintaining tolerance and respect for the views and beliefs of others. Through Art pupils have the opportunity to develop our core WJS values by working independently and as a team to build resilience and self-belief.

Why is Art & Design important?

Art speaks all languages and allows us to communicate world wide. Pupils learn about the history of different artists and artwork and appreciate their symbolism in telling a narrative of that time. Through Art, children have ample opportunities to develop their wellbeing by communicating their thoughts and feelings through a range of media. Pupils are encouraged to develop their passions of Art by becoming artists, architects and designers.

Implementation – How is our Art & Design curriculum enriched at Westbury Junior School?

Through their art and design, pupils are able to reach out into the community, with their artwork proudly displayed in school and around the community. In Year 3, pupils have had the opportunity to use a range of media whilst creating Art work in an outdoor environment. We take every opportunity to develop links with outside agencies, such as professional artists, helpers and practitioners from the secondary stage in order to enrich our Art and Design provision.

Impact – Ultimately our Art & Design Curriculum is designed to:

– Raise our aspiration through exposure of artists throughout history.

– Celebrate diversity through studying Art from different cultures.

– Improve our vocabulary through emersion from the subject and different cultures.

– Promote our health and wellbeing through self-expression.