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European Day of Languages


We celebrated European Day of Languages on Thursday 26th September. In typical Westbury Junior style, both staff and children threw themselves into the spirit of things and spent the whole day speaking new languages, food tasting and lots of other exciting activities!

Year 3 chose Romanian as their language and had a native speaker come to school to teach them how to count to 10.

Year 4 chose Danish for their language and did some beautiful traditional artwork as well as making Danish pasties to sell after school which raised over £30 towards their school trips.

Year 5 studied Welsh for the day and learned how to say the numbers and colours as well as singing Happy Birthday in Welsh.

Year 6 looked at Mandarin Chinese and did some Chinese maths, learned how to use chopsticks and practised our calligraphy skills writing Chinese characters.

Overall, we had a great time celebrating our multi-cultural society!