Extension Work

Extension work is a piece of homework handed out several times throughout the school year, linked to your child’s Topic. We try not to be too prescriptive with these projects to allow you and your child total freedom to create something together that is completely unique!

We often have pieces of work returned that have involved the whole family and the children are always proud of what they have made. Year groups will often invite parents and other classes to see all of their extension work on display.

In the past, we have seen collages, photography booklets, costumes, paintings, drawings, videos, sculptures and models, as well as written pieces of work such as a diary entry, fact files, booklets and stories.

As a school, we feel this is a great opportunity to work together at home and to explore different art and literature media depending on your child’s strengths and area of interest. It also enriches the learning process as your child will often have to learn a new technique or carry out some additional research outside of school.

Here are some recent examples of our children’s wonderful extension work: