MINT stands for ‘Maths Is Number 1 Today’ and is Westbury Junior School’s dedicated Maths day. We introduced this termly initiative to raise the profile of Maths across the school with a particular focus on Number and Calculation.

On a typical MINT day, each class will change classrooms and work with different members of staff. We play lots of Maths games and challenge the children with mathematical investigations. We aim to use a variety of Maths resources including ICT, Numicon, 2D and 3D shapes, counting strings and calculators.

Prior to the MINT day, teachers will send home a Maths game for the children to play with an adult at home. This encourages them to use their Maths skills outside of the classroom and also to talk through their learning. Hopefully the adults will have some fun playing it too!

We use our MINT days to focus on key areas of mathematical learning and also make Maths fun for the children. They always enjoy these sessions and are keen to share their progress at the end of the lesson.

Since the introduction of MINT days, we have seen improved engagement with Maths across the school. It has allowed the children to work with their peers and enhance their confidence and self-esteem in the subject.

Here are some photos from our recent MINT day: