Tel: 01373 822695
Address: Queen's Rd, Westbury, Wiltshire BA13 3LY
Headteacher: Richard Hatt


Dear Parents,

At the start of a new term I thought it would be useful to let you know on what days we are doing things.

Monday; Homework to be handed in. PE with Mr Bodymore

Thursdays; the children swim in Westbury pool. We ask parents to contribute £1.50 toward each swim. This can be paid in advance for two terms if you wish. The children may earn a swimming badge and certificate when they swim different distances. These cost £2.50 I will inform you when this happens

The children need their own towel and swimming costumes. The boys should preferably wear swimming trunks as shorts restrict their leg movement. If the girls have long hair they should have a swimming hat or tie their hair up. The first swim of the term will be on September 15th. The remaining swimming dates are on the back of this letter.

Friday; the children are given a spelling list to be learned during the week. They will be tested on these spellings on the next Friday morning.

A group of children cook. We ask children to bring in £1 every new term (6 times a year) to go towards the cost of the ingredients. Please can you send the money into school as soon as possible as the ingredients have to be purchased before the Friday they are going to cook.

The children are given homework to do over the weekend to be handed in on Monday morning. They receive merits if the work is handed in on time. They receive a hall detention if they fail to do this for 3 weeks in a row.

Each term, the children are given targets to work towards. These are stuck into their Homelink books. Please sign them to show us you have read them and encourage your children to learn them.

The children should also read at home regularly and learn their spellings.

They are rewarded for each time they read and for getting their spellings correct by moving up our “chart.”

I will be pleased to meet you to discuss the progress your child is making on Mondays from 3.05 or another time if you make an appointment.

Thank you for your support,


Anne-Marie Sweet



Swimming Dates 2016/2017

These are the dates the swimming pool has been booked for the children in the CNRB. However the occasional date may change due to different circumstances.

September 15th 22nd  & 29th

October     6th 13th & 20th

November   3rd 10th 17th & 24th

December   1st  &  8th

January      5th 12th 19th & 26th

February  2nd 9th &  23rd

March  2nd 9th 16th 23rd & 30th

April to July dates are yet to be confirmed.