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Headteacher: Richard Hatt

Year 4

Dear parents and carers of Year 4 children,

Welcome back! We are looking forward to the term ahead and all the fun learning opportunities we have planned for your children. We will start the term with activities based on the story of the Iron Man by Ted Hughes. We will be looking at the text in detail and considering the author’s storytelling skills. It seems we may have had a metal visitor in school over the holidays as some giant footprints have been left on the ceilings and a number of items have gone missing! This term for our topic we will be learning about the Vikings and in Science we will be looking at forces.

Our focus for target maths will be times tables. We will be setting homework to check your child’s progress in this area. All children learn at different rates so please do not worry if these take a while to sink in! We will hand out times table homework at the end of each week.

It is always great to hear from parents who are willing to listen to children read; this is such a confidence booster for all levels. Please do get in touch via your child’s Homelink book if you have a spare afternoon. Reading at home is the best start you can give your child and we encourage you to do this daily. Every child has a suitable reading book to take home and share with you.

If you have any concerns about your child in school please do use the Homelink book to arrange a good time to talk things over. So far all the children have made a really positive start to the term and we are excited about the year ahead with our fabulous year fours!

Year 4 teachers

Mrs Francis               Miss Heslop                Mrs Marsh