Tel: 01373 822695
Address: Queen's Rd, Westbury, Wiltshire BA13 3LY
Headteacher: Richard Hatt


Working together to provide strategy, oversight, challenge and support to build-in excellence and to make Westbury CofE Junior a school, which respects, cares and inspires.

Governors’ Area (logon required)


Governor Name Title Start Date End Date Position
Richard Hatt Mr Head Teacher
Finance & Premises Committee
Foundation Governor Brian Osborne Mr 10.03.19 09.03.23 Vice-Chair
Data Committee (Chair)
Pay Panel
Foundation Governor
(previously Community Governor to 14.07.15)
Ian Cunningham Mr 14.07.19 13.07.23 Chair
Safeguarding Governor
Finance & Premises Committee
Data Committee
Pay Panel
Ex Officio Foundation Governor Melanie Otto Rev 02.05.18 01.05.22
LA Governor Keith Harvey Mr 07.12.19 06.12.23 Finance Governor
Finance and Premises Committee (Chair)
Pay Panel
Staff Governor Hannah Duffy Mrs 14.07.18 13.07.22 Data Committee
Co-opted Governor Vacancy
Co-opted Governor
Previously Parent Governor to 03.10.17
Naomi Styles Mrs 03.10.17 02.10.21 Data Committee Curriculum Committee
Co-opted Governor Vacancy
Parent Governor Andrew Down Mr 06.11.19 05.11.23 Finance & Premises Committee –  Premises Governor
Parent Governor Gavin Davis Mr 06.11.19 05.11.23  
Parent Governor Jason Greatley Mr 06.11.19 05.11.23 Finance & Premises Committee
Parent Governor Jen Austin Mrs 06.11.19 05.11.23 Curriculum Committee SEN Governor
Barbara Mantle Mrs 01.09.15 Clerk


Governors’ Register of Interests

Governors’ Register of Interests 2018-19

Governors’ Register of Interests 2019-2

Governors’ Register of Interests 2020-21

The Governing Body – what is it?

Every school has to have a Governing Body made up of a number of governors to oversee the running of the school.

Our Head Teacher, Mr Hatt, with the Leadership Team, organises and manages the school on a day to day basis, within policies and guidance agreed by the Governing Body.

The governors are accountable to the Diocese, the local authority and, most importantly our community – our children, our staff, our parents and our local people as well as Ofsted.

The governing body is responsible for

  • Making sure the school provides the best possible education for all its pupils.
  • All major decisions about the school and its future.
  • Setting the school’s vision and strategic aims,
  • Maintaining the Christian ethos of the school
  • Monitoring and evaluating performance to ensure the school is accountable to those it serves.
  • Acting as a challenging advocate to the head teacher and staff.
  • Agreeing budgets, policies and targets
  • Monitoring our pupil premium funding to ensure that the money is spent efficiently in helping our disadvantaged children to achieve as well as they can

So how do we do this?

The Governors meet six times each academic year – that is approximately every 2 months.

In addition to this there are Governors with special responsibilities for subjects like maths, reading and writing, and for such things as staffing, finance, Health & Safety and Child Protection.

It is the remit of all governors to gain an understanding of the vision and the strategic actions necessary for the school so that informed questions can be asked and full support can be given from a position of knowledge.

So what do we do exactly?

The Governors with the support of the Head Teacher and staff consider issues and make decisions on a wide range of issues such as the following:

  • Child Protection
  • The curriculum
  • Admissions
  • School budget
  • Staffing
  • Discipline and attendance
  • Communication with key stakeholders
  • Ofsted inspection
  • Health, safety and welfare
  • Control and use of school premises
  • Organisational change

What sort of people make up the Governors?

To be a really effective set of governors it is healthy to have a good cross section of the community represented.  Each school’s governing body has a specific make up depending on what type of school it is.

Our school is a Church of England Voluntary Controlled Junior School and the Governing Body is made up of:

  • Foundation Governors who are appointed by the church
  • Parent Governors who are elected by parents
  • Staff Governors (including the Head Teacher) who represents the staff
  • One Local Authority Governor who is appointed by Wiltshire Council
  • Community Governors.

How do you know what the Governing Body are doing?

The minutes of the Governing Body meetings are available upon request from the school office, so you can read up about what’s going on.

Important decisions are also communicated through the Westbury Whistler and our School website.

How You Can Contact Us?

If you would like the Governors to consider an issue, please write to or email the Clerk to the Governors, Barbara Mantle on or contact the school office.

Non-Confidential Minutes:




























Scheme of Delegation:




Governor Attendance:





Our Committees:

In addition to the full governing body chaired by Ian Cunningham we have the following committees:

Finance & Premises: Chair – Keith Harvey. Members Ian Cunningham, Richard Hatt, Brian Osborne, Jason Greatley and Andy Down

Data: Chair – Brian Osborne: Members Ian Cunningham, Naomi Styles, Hannah Duffy (Staff Governor)

Curriculum: Jen Austin, Naomi Styles, Richard Hatt

Pay Panel: Ian Cunningham, Brian Osborne, Keith Harvey

Other Memberships: Ian Cunningham is a foundation academy councillor at Dilton Marsh CofE Primary school. Hannah Duffy is a Local Authority governor at Churchfields Primary School.

Governor’s Roles & Responsibilities 2017

Wiltshire Council publish a generic governor’s handbook that you may find useful.

Induction Handbook (Wiltshire Council)