Tel: 01373 822695
Address: Queen's Rd, Westbury, Wiltshire BA13 3LY
Headteacher: Richard Hatt


Leadership Team

Richard Hatt

Headteacher and RE Subject Leader

E Storr

Year 4 Teacher/ Science Subject Leader

Yvonne Small

Year 3 Teacher and SENCO


Lyndsey Jones

Year 3 Teacher/ Music Subject Leader

Eleanor Marsh

Year 4 Teacher/ PSHE Subject Leader

Jane Vaughan

Year 5 Teacher/ French Subject Leader

Anne-Marie Sweet

CNRB Manager

Rebecca Young

Year 3 Teacher/ English Subject Leader

Hannah Duffy

Year 6 Teacher/ Maths Subject Leader/ Website and Newsletter Coordinator/ Staff Governor

Rachel Dardecker

Year 5 Teacher/ History and Geography Subject Leader

Vicky Heslop

Year 6 Teacher/ PE Subject Leader

Rowena Fox

Year 3 Teacher/ Art and DT Subject Leader

Katrina Platt

Year 3 Teacher/ Computing Subject Leader

Jan Francis

Year 4 Teacher

Teaching Assistants

Karen Hoodless

Teaching Assistant/ MDSA

Clair White

SEN Teaching Assistant / MDSA

Julie Hogarth

SEN Teaching Assistant/ MDSA

Shirley Taylor

Teaching Assistant / Senior Cleaner

Helen Arnold

Teaching Assistant / Cover Supervisor

Gareth Jones

Teaching Assistant / MDSA

Andy Bodymore

Teaching Assistant / Sport Development Coach

Tracey Gibbs

Teaching Assistant

Karen Bendle

Teaching Assistant

Tina Gardner

Teaching Assistant / Maths Booster Groups

Annette Quick

Teaching Assistant

Dawn Parkinson

Teaching Assistant / MDSA

Mandy Ilsley

Teaching Assistant

Kayleigh Finbow

SEN Teaching Assistant

Kerry Ross

Teaching Assistant

Anne Spaul

Teaching Assistant

Support Staff

Sylvia Hennessy

Cleaner/ MDSA

Phil Jackson

Handy Person

Sarah Perkins

Catering Assistant

Brenda Fry

Catering Assistant

Sharon Withey

Catering Assistant/ Cleaner

Caroline Ayton

Office Manager