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Year 5 Trip to Cadbury World


On Thursday 3rd December, Year 5 children and staff headed up the motorway to visit Cadbury World in Bourneville, near Birmingham.


Year 5 have spent the past two terms learning all about the Aztecs and this term have focused on chocolate, from the use of cocoa beans as currency to Hernán Cortés’ role in the end of the Aztec Empire and the introduction of chocolate to Europe.

There was so much to do at Cadbury World including: a 4D cinema, a really fun play area, a journey through an Aztec Jungle,  an interactive theatre experience, a visit to the Cadbury factory, some chocolate tasting (our favourite part!), a ride in a ‘Beanmobile’ and a quick visit to the gift shop.

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We had an excellent time at Cadbury World!