At Westbury CE Junior School, we show respect to all, show care for all and inspire all to be the best version of themselves they can be.

Please find our curriculum maps for 2023/24 below. This is the first year we are blocking subjects so the order blocks are taught in are subject to change.

WJS Curriculum Overview – Year 3

WJS Curriculum Overview – Year 4

WJS Curriculum Overview – Year 5

WJS Curriculum Overview – Year 6

Above all else, at Westbury Church of England Junior School, every child is offered their moment to shine. All children feel valued for who they are and recognise that school life is relevant to their lives.

The basis for the teaching and learning at Westbury CE Juniors is the National Curriculum together with religious education. We strive to ensure that all our children are confident and independent learners with high aspirations. As a school, we recognise that we all have different strengths and talents and we ensure these differences are celebrated.

Building on the positive start to learning our children experience in our neighbouring Infant school, we aim to develop their spiritual, moral, cultural and personal attitudes in order to prepare the children to be lifelong learners. We have high expectations for every child and aim to challenge them in order that they make maximum progress regardless of their starting point and that they feel confident and happy in their learning.

Our curriculum is vibrant, challenging and relevant to the needs of our children. Exciting topics, quality literature and engaging activities help to bring learning to life. We aim to foster a lifelong love of reading, starting with a focused phonics programme and moving onto reading fluently and skillfully across the curriculum. In maths, we use a mastery approach to ensure a deep understanding so that our children demonstrate secure fluency, problem solving and reasoning skills.

We want our children to develop effective communication skills and are committed to embedding a culture of oracy throughout our curriculum. A key part of this is introducing carefully sequenced vocabulary so that our children can express themselves clearly, communicate effectively and develop meaningful relationships with others.

We understand that in order to fully engage our children, we need to involve all their carers in our school community. We hold open mornings, celebration afternoons, and ‘Bring your folks to school’ days. In addition, we set extension homework which is designed to involve the family and is related to the work within the classroom. All these initiatives further promote learning links with home and maintain our effective home/school partnership.

As a Church of England School, core Christian values underpin our school day. All adults in the school model these values to our children and parents speak very highly about how this contributes to a positive learning environment. Our children understand that, regardless of background or personal circumstance, we are a place where everyone can succeed and everyone has worthy contributions to make to our whole school community.

If you would like any additional information about our curriculum, please don’t hesitate to contact the school. Our curriculum in action can be seen on the class pages section on our website, ClassDojo and through our school’s twitter feed.